Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I get an aquarium or a wire cage for my pet rat?

I am thinking of getting a 10 gal cage for my rat since its so cheap but it will be hard for me to attach things on or should i get a wire cage that has 3 levels with a hammock,water bottle, and 4 colorful ball for $80?
I think the wire cage would be much more fun for the rat. They love levels to climb and to pee and eat on tow different levels. Rats are ver intelligent and need stimulation . make the cage interesting and change it weekely and you will be sure to have a great rat.
wire cage
Definitely a wire cage.
It allows for more ventilation. The bedding could remain damp with urine for a longer time in a tank and this can result in health-problems later on for you rat.
A wire cage enables the rat to do lots of climbing and you can hook up so many toys and bits of material etc so keep your rat entertained.
I understand tanks are cheaper but they are also a lot more troublesome to wash and clean out. You'll hate having to carry the tank to get it washed and dried (and constantly wonder when it will slip off and break into a thousand pieces on the floor).
One week with the tank and you'll wish you got the wire cage. Trust me.
A 10 gal for a rat to too small, rats need a minimum of 20 gal tank. I would suggest the wire cae. Rats have very strong urine and if it builds up in the aquarium(since it can't ventalate) it will burn the lungs. I got a rat from a really bad pet store once. The rat cage was not cleaned enough, and I purchased the two rats there to get them out of that place. I took them to the vet and she had to treat them, because they had respiratory distress from the amonia in the urine.

I would splurge for the 80, your rats will be happier, since htey will have more to do. They will be healthier, becuase the smell will not build up in the tank. And you'll know you didn't put a price tag on the health and happiness of your rat.

P.S. Make sure the wire spacing in less than 1 in. Rats can squeeze through small spaces.
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well my hammies both have 10 gallon tanks but the bigger one seems like he needs more room-since my bigger hammie is almost the size of a rat then I suggest the bigger cage.however to look at all sides here are some pros and cons of each:
pro of tank=less expensive, means more money to spend on toys and food (water bottles, hammocks, and such can either be attached to the top of the cage by string or safety pin OR attached to the side of the cage by suction cups which are cheap and work well)
con of tank=less room, some people argue less oxygen available but I never had a problem
pro of wire cage=all inclusive with water bottle and toys, more room
con of wire cage=rats chew on the bars loudly at night, they sometimes climb on the bars, if you have another pet then (such as a cat or dog) then your rat is at a higher risk in a wire cage, and finally most wire cages as sturdy as they seem tend to break easily during routine transportations and cleanings
good luck and enjoy your new pet!
10g is too small for an adult rat, first off. 20g is the recommended size.

Tanks are not recommended though, due to lack of proper air circulation, which causes the scent of ammonia to build up, and can risk upper respiratory problems!

Definitely ''indulge'' with the multi-leveled wire cage.
definately get the wire cage. I had my two rats in a 10-gal with a wire top attachment, and while according to all the websites ive seen, it was big enough, they just looked so squished in there. the wire cages help with ventilation, so they will be less likely to get sick, and i like it cause you can pet them through the cage :)
A 10 gal aquarium is fine and you can pick up a top pretty cheap too.
You could also go to a flea market or thrift shop and pick up some good used aquariums and or a habitrail, some child has gotten tired of.
Dont get the multilevel cage as rats/mice dont like them. Better off with a flat plastic tub with wire lid that clips on.

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