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There are baby bunnies outside of my house in a hole and there is no signs of a mother?

what should i do i don't want them to die
take them to a vet or your local spca
tske them in as ur own and care them like a bunny mother would but give them lots of baby formula
well leave them be... watch them closly but don't go outside and don't touch them, if the mother isn't back in 3 threw 5 hours, get one and see if it eats soldid food if it deos them put it back outside and they will be fine, but if they don't get the others and feed them baby formla, carful its not to hot or cold!!! if you have any more qustions e-mail me at:
You can go to a pet store and sell the bunnies to them. Some pet stores buy pets for alot of money.
Wait a little longer before interfering. The mom may have took a little trip to get food or find the babies dad!
Most likely the mother rabbit was either killed or was spooked away from her nest. It takes very little to scare the mother rabbit away from the nest permanently. Because they are prey animals, even if she wasn't spooked, she will be now that you have upset the nest. Wild bunnies have a very low tolerance to being cared for by humans. It doesn't mean that you shouldn't try, but please be aware that most do not survive, depending on their age. Bunnies are out of the nest and on their own fairly rapidly. I'm no bunny expert, but my friend is, she has been part of the bunny rescue groups for years. If their eyes are not open, there if not much chance for survival. But hey, I rescued naked, baby mice, so I certainly would not tell you not to try!!
Wild rabbit mothers do not always stay with their young, as the older rabbit gives off too much scent which could attract dogs, cats and other predators, while the young give off very little and are safer without the adult present. Rules of nature.
Chance are she's just a short ditance away, and will tend to her young when needed. Best bet, just leave them alone.
Wild bunnies are VERY different from domestic rabbits. They are actually on their own as young as 3 weeks of age. If the ears are up, hair fluffed out and not slick, eyes open and he fits in the palm of your hand, about 4" long, they will be fine on their own or you can release them back into the wild. A
nice meadow of tall grass away from people's cats and dogs. Wild rabbits will also drop dead from fright. They
are very hard to raise.

If you want to know if the mother is around, place a paper towel, etc on top of the hole. (Something real light) The mother will not come to the nest in daylight, only at night. If the paper towel has been moved, then the momma is around. I'd just leave them alone. The momma is around, she will not come around knowing you are there.
Leave the baby rabbits there. The mother is close by but not too close. She's only away from the nest because she dont want predators to sniff her out and find her babies or her.
DO NOT TOUCH THEM!!! Rabbits are prey animals and if do not stay with their babies like dogs and cats do. Rabbits only feed their animals twice a day, before dawn and after dusk. And only for a few minutes at a time. The mother does this so that predators will not smell her on them and know they are there. If you keep a watch on them and still do not see the mother there is a sure fire way to tell if she is nursing them or not. Look at their bellies. Are they swollen or is it sunken in. If it is sunken in then they probably are abandoned in which case you should inform the local humane society. Another thing you can do is check if they are warm to the touch. If they are cool to the touch and you have established that they are indeed abandoned, you must get them warm. I would suggest putting them on a heating pad that is covered with a towel folded twice to keep the babies also called kits from getting burn. Again the humane society. Good luck.

P.S. I know this information because I am a rabbit breeder. And no I do not carelessly do so. All of my babies are raised for pets and go to homes that are comitted to having a rabbit family member.
I believed I watched an episode on animal planet about wild rabbits. I know this doesn't make me an expert, however the mother rabbit can leave her children un-attended for hours and can sneek back to her young at night. Rabbits are known to do this because they are prey and scavangers, and mother rabbits don't want the male rabblt in the area who got her pregnet to find the nest. Male rabbits will eat their children, if he fells that his mate is paying too much attention to the bunnies. More than likely the bunnies will be fine.
Leave them alone for now, she may be off gathering food for them and this can take hours. She may be also in the den sleeping if it's in the day time and you haven't seen her yet. Just because you don't see a mother doesn't mean they've been abandoned. If you mess with the den then you are going to chase her away and she will abandone them at this point.

Like I said just leave them be and keep watching, they are a lot of ejoyment to see them grow. Also depending ontheir size/age they wean at at 4-7 weeks and may not even need mom around. This could be the case with these. She would have left them and moved on to raise her next litter. They will know how to survive.
mother rabbits only feed there babies at night
leave the bunnies alone.. mom does not stay w/ the babies.. it would attract predators..
mom should come once in the morning.. and once in the evening.. if you are watching closely and never see her... u can check on the bunnies.. if they are skinny are frail looking bring them in.. and email me.
or contact a rehabber
heres the link.

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