Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking care of pets, while you are on holiday.?

I want to start a animal hotel in siuth-africa. But first i need to prepair. i want to start getting costermers, so i thought i will start by taking care of peoples pets and plants at their homes. This way i can save some cash and get to know costermers. What would you pay per day for some one to come to your house and do all that. If possible answer in R not $
This is a difficult question. Taking care of peoples pets and homes is not as simple as it seems.

There are forms and contracts you will need to design. You might need insurance or bonding just in case something happens when you are in the persons house.

Yahoogroups has a pet sitting group.

I suggest you join it. Great people there who will help you.

Also join your local rescue groups. You will make valuable contacts.

Read everything you can on pets, care, training etc. You want to establish yourself as an expert on the subject.

As for price, find out what others in your town are charging. Ask other pet sitters.

I charge 2.5 times minimum wage for a sit. It's not enough, but I live in a depressed area and people won't pay more.

The Cat Lady
I agree about looking into this carefully and checking out the insurance etc. If there is nobody to compare prices with, then how about sending out some questionnaires? If you draw up a list of questions asking people what services they would like offered, would they use a service if it was supplied, and most importantly how much they would be willing to pay, then you will have some good information to go forward with.

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