Friday, July 31, 2009

The Need to breed?

Why do most people feel the need to have a full breed dog? Is it prestige."like, look I'm tough, cause I have a pit bull".or whatever someone is trying to portray themselves as?
PLEASE consider going to a shelter and rescuing an animal.As someone who works in rescue, I see the effects up close and personal.As far as dogs go, some of the most remarkable dogs I have ever known have been mutts.Yes, full breeds are special as well, they all deserve good homes.But when you go to a breeder, you are giving them space to fill, to breed more dogs, and you are literally letting a homeless dog at the SPCA die.Sad , but true.
Here is some little known information concerning kill shelters.
All kittens brought in, whom are not able to eat on their own yet, are put to sleep, due to fact that staff does not have the time.
Most pets over six get put down
If you take an animal there and space is full, your pet or another will be put down to make room
It is sad but very true.

Any of those out there that can help please do. Foster a dog/cat/nurse a kitten or pup for your local shelter. We always need help and the more resources we have the better. We have several volunteers that can do many things. We have actually made an agreement with a lab breeder - Animal control told her she could not have anymore dogs and we stepped in to help place them in homes and the city giving her time to work with us to rehome them. She spays or neuters as we can get them from her and if we have puppies with no moms she can hand raise.

We all have to work together if you don't know what you can do contact someone. Contact me even Ill give you tons of ideas. Are you good on the computer. Help a rescue with their petfinder site or set them up on some of the other fundraiser sites. Are you creative with words help write up stories to go with the pets history. Its much better adoption if someone is there to tell the pets story. Help with special events, make some dog biscuits for them to sell to raise money for the pets vet care.
I breed purebred dogs,/poodles but have "never' contributed to "any" of my dogs being in a shelter or rescue.
If irresponsible people had their dogs/pets spayed/neutered there would not be so many dogs/animals in shelters.

The majority of animals put to sleep are mutts/mixed breeds. Due to irresponsible pet owners, "NOT" "responsible" breeders.
Responsible dog clubs make sure there are dog breed specific rescues, and foster homes--
Because puppy millers (who should be illegal), and irresponsible breeders who only care about making money----and ----NOT helping the breed do not give a lifetime commitment.
Responsible breeders, health test, contribute to genetic research, give a life-time guarantee, support and encourage health testing, even for purebred pets, and a commitment to the life of any dog they produce.
A responsible breeder remains in contact with the adopters of their poodles for the life of the dog, not just the sale.
I don't place young puppies - Mine are dual registered with AKC and UKC, Avid micro-chipped, spayed/neutered before they even leave. We also require them to read about poodle rescue, about us, what having a dog means, and agree to that. Before placing we do home visits to make sure it's the right fit.
If I adopted to someone who wanted to breed/ show, it would be on co-ownership only, and than only to someone I knew personally.
Not all breeders are responsible... It is up to the potential pet owners to do their own research, and adopt from a reputable breeder.
And they are out there.
You are sadly mistaken if you believe that it is mostly mutts or mixed breeds being euthanized in the nations animal shelters. At least 25% of the 12 million animals, yes, I said 12 million are pure breeds. And that is only of the ones that are not in rescue which has to make it closer to 50%.

There is NO SUCH thing as responsible breeding in this world when EVERY day, EVERY minute we need to decide who is living and dying simply because there is not enough room, time, money, or resorces.

I have THREE PURE BREED English bull dogs in my house that some where along the line someone paid thousands of dollars for and then dumped at the shelter. and I am sure the breeders said the same thing you are saying. It is not my dogs contributing to the over population.

Where do you think mutts come from? Two pure bred dogs breeding right? Well I have a rescue FULL of mutts, pure breeds, dogs, cats and people knocking down my door to have me take more.

I have a bank account that is always in the red, and house that is always in need of cleaning, a car that is always low on gas and soul that is always a painful. And this is all due to the fact that I do rescue to try to make a small difference in the world of animal over population.

Did you know that for every ONE animal born 31 die in the shelters to make room in this world?

Have you walked through your local animal shelter right before your ***** whelps and picked out the 31 per puppy that will die? Well I have done it for you! And it Sucks!
I agree with you. I adopted a cat from a pound the day she was meant to be put down. I was actually searching for my cat and I fell in love with this cat. Everyone was saying i should get a kitten but they are more likely to be adopted. I wasn't going to adopt it but I didn't want to let her be put down. so I called and they said she was still there and was going to be put down the next day which was a Tuesday. I begged my husband to let me get her. I called and asked if they could keep her until the weekend because I had to work. I said I would pay whatever costs for the room and the food. They told my they didn't have the room and it wasn't the money. To cut a long story a bit shorter my aunty was going to pick her up but they seemed to be happier to put her down rather than doing the paperwork for me to adopted her. they were so unfriendly and so unhelpful. Oh, before that there was description of a cat found in my area but they hadn't put the photo on the internet yet. I told them I would be in the next morning and i asked for time off work. i went there and they told me it was put down. I told them that i had taken time off work, that someone told me to come in and that they could have killed my cat. they said that it was very unfriendly and it could have been a danger to the staff. I said "Wouldn't you be aggressive if you were put in a cage?". I left in tears. later that day i called asking for their head office number. She asked me what the problem was and I told her. She sent me a photo and luckily it wasn't my cat. I thought only people with no hearts work at pounds but it is great that you care!
Anyone who works in rescue will agree with you - the main problem we have in this world of "pet ownership" is people who are irresponsible owners that lack commitment to the animals they purchase/adopt/breed/allow to breed by not spaying/neutering.
Why don't people "get" that an animal is a LIFETIME commitment? They appear to only think of the here and now, that "cute puppy" or "adorable kitten" can grow up into having any sort of personality or behavior issue, and so few people want to "deal" with that so they dispose of a living creature as if it were old clothes they could drop off at the Goodwill. People truly need to "think" before they buy/rescue/etc, but I have all but lost faith in the majority of the human population in that regard.
My appreciation does go out to all the other rescue workers, and the select people who love and care for their animals their entire lives, no matter what. THANK YOU to those who do realize what commitment is, and love and care for their family pets as they should.
I too work in rescue and while yes, there are pure bred dogs that come into our no kill shelter, they also get adopted quickly unless they are one of the harder to place breeds (which are what we typically take in, because most will not). However, it is naive to believe there is not a need for responsible breeding. What advocates of "Never, ever breed" are saying is that we should rely on the irresponsible breeders and pet owners to supply all of our future pet population via rescues and shelters. What about protecting the health and quality of future animals? The only way to do that is by health and temperament testing the animals prior to breeding them, and only choosing the best.

The sad truth is that most breeders are not responsible and do not take these steps. Breeders who take pride in their animals and genuinely care about their fate do. A breeder who microchips their puppies prior to selling them is listed as a back up so that they know that animal is not going to end up in a shelter or rescue somewhere. These breeders only allow the best of the best to be bred and spay/neuter the rest. Then they follow up and provide lifetime support to be sure the new owner has all the tools they need for a great relationship with their pet.

The reasons many people do not want to rescue are related much more to fear of behavior issues (as it is usually not known what environment they have come from) as well as unknown health issues than "Look at what I've got!" Some people choose a specific breed for sport, temperament of the breed, and many other reasons.

I am a big advocate of "No Kill" and spay/neuter. Nothing irates me more than someone choosing to breed their dog without doing their homework and making sure their dogs are of the finest quality, then following up on every puppy produced to be sure they are properly cared for. OR not altering their pets out of laziness or not wanting to spend the money. But we should be grateful that there are responsible breeders out there who have spent the time, effort and money it takes to breed healthy, balanced pets that will go to wonderful homes whether they be for hunting, showing, herding, service, or even companionship. There are WONDERFUL breeds out there, and how great to be able to pass exceptional specimens of these breeds on for our children to enjoy, through responsible breeding.

Please don't hear me saying we should not adopt animals from rescues/shelters/humane s- by all means please do! Adopt, volunteer, donate to spay/neuter- EDUCATE YOUR NEIGHBORS- (in a kind way or it won't be heard:) it is all DESPERATLY needed. It's our duty as a society to care for these animals!! But I do also believe there is a need for the exceptional breeders.

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