Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show names for my showjumper?

help i am stuck on names for my showjumping mare her first comp is in 5 weeks i need to register her name the best i can come up with is foggy storm (she is light dapple grey) please help
I have had many horses of my own but I own hunters. A good possible name for her would be Flying High or if she is really good Defying Gravity. Hope this helps
I was always a fan of the name Smokin' Aces for a show horse... Sadly, my horse came with a registered name, so I can't change it... But, anywho... Smokin' Aces.
i had the same problem i have a red roan overa and i only thought of tickle me pink so i decided to use his registered name hightone cody! you could try here. i like silber wind and Shades of gray. hope it helps.
Gunsmoke(too masculine?) Snowheels, Silverstreak, Argent(means silver in french) Good luck on your show career!

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