Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should i take my rat to the vets?

i have a girl pet rat, she's quite old now but a few weeks ago i noticed i noticed a lump under her arm it's got bigger since then and she doesn't seem to be in any pain. my mum said she's not going to take her to the vets until she can't walk or whatever. not in a horrible way! she just meant when it looks really serious she'll take her ;) she is quite old so there's not really much point in paying loads of money when she probably won't live for much longer anyway. is she right? or should we take her to the vets anyway?
To be honest i think you are right. our gerbil got a lump b4 and the vet was almost frightened to hold her. then said she was to small to do anything for her like remove it or anything. if your rat was in the wild and got something like this she would have to just live with it till she died anyway. i know people will say its cruel but that's my experience with vets and rodents.
Thats a horrible way of thinking! Just because your rat is old you think its not worth helping! You should take her to the vets! It's probably a tumor or a swelling.
yes i think your mum is right, rats often get growths, and because of her age it isn't worth fighting, as long as shes not in pain then leave her
its a rat.. eww
rats and mice a very susceptible to tumours which is what your rat probably has.

my mouse had a lump that didnt cause it pain and it lived for a year with it.

there isnt a lot a vet will do really so its not worth taking her there.
I think it's part of the responsibility of owning a pet to make sure they get adequate healthcare treatment, whether that means insurance or shelling out from your own pocket. Good luck. :)
yes u should
It is most likely a tumor. Rats are known for getting tumors all over their body but especially along their belly wear their mamory glands are. Even if she is older i recomend that you take her to the vet. They will be able to tell you whats going on and what to do about it. Most likely there is nothing that can be done but it isn't very expensive $25-30 at the most to have a vet examine her. Good luck.
she has a tumour she will probably need to be put to sleep - i bet its causing alot of discomfort especailly as shes old - these are so common with rats - take her to the vet please - doesnt matter how old she is -
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Ok dude but seriously, its a matter of economics your mom is thinking she could spend hundreds of dollar on your 3 or for dollar rat which you guys need to live and eat off of

You can try this call and emergency vet and tell them the symptoms, is you call a regular vet they will just tell you to bring him in

You can gets some idea of whats wrong or how to care for yur rat or ease its pain calling an emergency vet clinic
if it is not bothering your rat good chance its just a fatty deposit
if its a tumor it should be surgery is an option
if it is an abcess it should be drained, if left untreated can cause your rat to be ill
you caught it early
You have to ask a vet if they treat rats, if they dont hang up and call another
then if you call you can ask if they accept payment plans
and a receptionist may say no but the boss/ or vet may say yes you can go and try

Tumors are visceral not near the surface
I took my dog to the vet and she has lumps all over hanging from her belly on her side sticking out but see! these are all surface fatty deposits

For your rat its at the surface so its fatty deposit or its an abcess
You can go to the website and see how to remove how to drain it your self and show your mom as maybe you can do it together

If you didnt like the Joke ( I thought it was funny) You gotta laugh at life ! I hope this other information helps you it sound like you really care. At least now you have options instead of just ignoring a possible heath condition yiou may be a able to nip in the bud
I understand that it's expensive to take any animal to the vets in UK but you can go to the PDSA and they will see your rat or any other animal, for free, or at most a small donation.
Look them up in the phone book or on the web and give them a ring.
you should take her to the vet how do you no if shes suffering and no one should take on a animal if they wont spend money on it when ill
I lost count that the number of times i had no money for me because i spent it on my dog at the vets
can you touch the lump. if it is soft and moves then it is most likely a cyst. if it is firm and doesn't move than it is most likely a tumor. i'd still take her to the vet though just in case it is a tumor.
Yes, you should take your rat to the vet ASAP as the lump is most likely a tumour. Your rat may be in pain without you knowing.

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