Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sleepy Hamster?

Yesterday I went to Petsmart and picked out a new Hamster. My black bear had passed away and I thought it was time for another little friend. This one is perfect, except she likes to sleep in the weirdest places. She lays in her silence wheel and sleeps, she'll hang half her body out of her little tube/latter and sleep, or like right now she is in her food bowl with her butt hanging off and her head hanging off, sleeping. Could she be depressed from leaving her other fury friends or just likes to sleep in weird places??
She probably was crowded with her family and ended up sleeping in odd places. Might just be a cute personality quirk. She might grow out of it- might not!
i think she just likes to sleep like that my hampy loved to sleep in his big food bowl and sometimes he would squeeze him self in his lil treat bowl
Well, maybe bacause he was used to something in the shop and feels bored about it, so he wants to SLEEP his time away. Go to the petshop again and ask the manager what the hamster did most of the time in the shop!
Try buying his friends and put them together and see the result. Or maybe he's REALLY tired and want to SLEEP it awaY!
I work at Petsmart, a lot of the hamsters there sleep in weird places. Do you have a little house or somthing for her to get in?
It's probably just another animal quirk. If you want her/him to sleep in a more normal place, each time she falls asleep put her back into her nestbox. she'll get used to it over time. or this ould just be a phase...My hedgie likes to sleep in my shoes w. half his chubby lil butt hanging out.-shrug- who knows y?
she just needs time to adjust to the new environment. this is usually harder for them when they're forced to move to different places at a young age.
I used to have some plastic blocks for mine to sleep in, but they would wedge themselves between the block and the glass to the ground. Don't know how they did that but it was super cute.

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