Friday, July 31, 2009

This "kitty-momma" needs a night on the town, and so do the kitten and the pup! So where can we all go?

Oh-kay, I own a kitten, 8 months, and my man's dad owns a dog, about 8 or 9 years old, the dog only goes for walks when I take her - even though I'm not one of her owners and her three owners are perfectly able to walk her themselves, they just don't want to; as a result the dog cries all the time and I end up taking her on walks every day when I take my kitten out, which gives me less time to bond with my cat because every time I'm with my cat the dog jumps in between and starts begging for attention! It's NOT my dog! anywho, the point is I've not had time to take either of them out for almost a week because it's finals week and I need to graduate this semester; tonight my man says he's gonna take me out but I think we should bring the cat and the dog along because it's just not right to keep them in the house all the time; they both love car rides and walks and going to the petstore so right now I'm going to take them both for a walk but after that is there anywhere else we can go?
Girl its great that you love these animals but mom and pop need a night too! Leave the dog and cat at home and go out with your man.
Go to the park on a picnic that way the kiddies (kitten and dog) get to play in the park and you and your man get to spend a romantic time together
Petsmart and Brusters and a park! at the park u and your boyfriend could have a romantic picnic!!!!

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