Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stable hand?

I would like to be a stable hand for $$$. I am almost 12 and have around 2 years of good pro. training with horses.Would you hire me?What are some good things to put in flyers?The place where i take training doesnt have any stable hand wants. I have very good respect..Are there any good sites to find wants for stable hands also?
I'm sure some places would love to hire you in exchange for a lesson or something but in most places its actually illegal to hire someone at a formal job with monetary payment if they are under the age of 13.

Good luck and if you need any more help you can contact my equine help hotline by adding Equine Help 101 to you AIM/AOL buddy list or by emailing for prompt answers and advice!
How I found mine, was to go to some of the local farms that do competitions. They can usually use an extra hand, they will start you from the bottom and you work you way up. But you get the best experience! Good luck, and have fun.

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