Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should my grandma get another pet?

my grandma hazd a 2 dogs one was 14 years old and the other one was 12 years old . she also had a bird . the 14 year old dog died a year ago, and the other dog and bird died last week so should she get another pet?
yes your grandma should get another pet.After my dog died i wasn't ready for another dog.So I got a cat.He has helped me not to miss my dog so much.But she will know when she is ready for one.also don't have someone "suprise" her with a pet. thats is never a good idea.Have a nice day.
Yes,people with pets are happier
Most older people like pets. They need a companian just like the rest of us. I would probably get a noble dog for you grandma like a german sheppard, or even a cat.
Well, there are many things to be considered.

How much time can she devote to caring for the pet?
How much can she afford to spend on the pet, and not just the purchase price, there are also vet bills, food, toys, etc?
Is she able to care for the pet on her own?
Is she able to have a pet where she lives? Some places have rules about pets.

And probably the most important question...

Does she -want- another pet?
Yeah. Get her a lap dog...They don't eat much, can be trained and (some) are affectionate.
That's for her to decide, really.

If she WANTS one, definitely, she should get one. I'd suggest offering to go with her to an animal shelter and finding an older dog or cat, so she doesn't have to spend a lot of time training it or worrying about obediance issues, plus she'd be saving a life...

My grandmother's oldest dog just died, but she has another, who will probably be going shortly. She plans on adopting a little dog my sister has once her other dog passes on. If she didn't adopt that one I could definitely see her rescuing another stray somewhere.

You should ask her if she'd want another one. And if she says no, ask her if maybe, just in case, she'd like to goto some animal shelters. (Sometimes you just fall in love!) And no one likes to be lonely, pets make wonderful companions, as I'm sure she knows.
Why not? if she can handle another pet...seems like she could. but the thing is does she want another pet? what kind of pet? will it be too much for her? *Good luck*
I would say yes. She has really good luck keeping them alive. That's kinda old for an animal. It would keep her company that way she isn't depressed over her other deceased animals.
Yes! That is if she is not still grieving over the loss of her dog and bird.
It may be too soon for her to get another pet. A lot of people feel they are not honoring the love they had for their lost pet if they quickly replace it.

It has been proven that the love of pets actually keeps the elderly healthier as well as happier. Pets may even prolong their life.

As soon as she is ready, I definitely think she should have another pet. They are great company for the elderly too.
The elderly get bored quite often due to the lack of human contact. They have fewer visitors and don't go out as much as they use to.

A pet is perfect.
well. if she really enjoys animals. then get her one. try to get animals that last longer. like a cat. that is VERY young you know so it can bond better. try getting her different pets.
Get her another bird. Not to sound like I'm stereotyping, but older people seem to enjoy the singing the bird puts out. =) A dog is a great companion for sure, but the bird will be easier for her to keep up with in the long run.
yes,makesure it is a puppy so it can live as as her!
Don't just run out and get her one. Make sure that she wants one first and involve her in picking one out. Many shelters will allow eldery people to adopt adult animals for free or for a fraction of the normal adoption fee.

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