Friday, July 31, 2009


theres a big rat in my house! we cant go 2 far with rat poison or anything cause i got 2 pet rats, we r renting so not aloud a cat, it may be in my room!! it could eat me alive while im sleeping! and i love rats, but gotta get rid of this one, have no idea where it is in our house! i cant speak rat language, its been in our pantry, and has germs possibly even a disease, but thats bad, wat about my rat!! im afraid, it jumped on my mum! HELP ME NOW!!!!!
you are pretty much walking dead. sorry for the bad should let your own rat out of the cage so it will not starve when you are dead. wild rats kill on sight.
how do you know if it has germs or a disease?

also, rat traps, done
Hi from France 鈾?br />
Have a cat or a Fox terrier for some weeks !! Otherwise you can put some traps too before try the cat and/or the dog ...

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Since you have rats of your own you know what they eat. Go to the hardware store and get some traps. Then put some rat food in the trap to bait the rat!!
Since you have pet rats, you probably don't want to hurt the rat. I hope not, anyway.

Here are some humane solutions:

Good luck.
one rat mean 100 rats in your house!hire a exterminator!..seriously
just take a "durian belanda" leaves..put as many as you can in your house especially the place that the rat always is so smelly but before the rat gone you will free...a traditional method..better try than nothing..cayooo girl

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  1. I would never use rat poison of any kind. Traps is the way to go. Poison is a product that can go from liquid to gas form so you breath it in. I would get some animal trapping supplies. I have caught lots of rats over the years from traditional traps. Thankfully, rats are not getting any smarter.