Thursday, July 30, 2009

Snaked that don't eat mice?

I want to find a pet snake that doesn't eat mice of any kind. So far I have found an egg eating snake but I cant find any where to buy one in my area. Do you know of any other snakes that I could get?
Garter snakes can live very well without mice. However you then need to be sure they are getting the proper nutrition from a wide variety of sources.

Garter snakes eat fish(but not too many as these are not healthy), worms, slugs etc.
Only snake I can think of, that doesn't require mice, is the Garter Snake. They eat earthworms, small fish, wax worms, etc.
well, i dont know of any snakes around that do not eat mice, but if you are unconforatable about feeding it live mice, u could make it learn to eat mice u can buy dead and frozen at the store, thats what i did with my snake

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