Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some one who has never been near a skunk...?

I live in a country with no skunks so I do not know what a skunk smells like.
I agree with Racemoid. Its not necessarily a BAD smell so much as it is just really STRONG. Its very musky.

Believe me, I have smelled MUCH MUCH worse than a skunk.

My dad once knew someone with cows and unfortunately they all got some sort of disease and died and something about the guy couldn't get them disposed of quickly enough and they started rotting in the pasture. (I know, way gross.) My dad said he would rather be doused with skunk spray than to ever have to smell that again.

But back to your question, the smell of a skunk is incomprable to anything else. You'll know it when you smell it. Its not like a dumpster or rotting fish or even dookie, its a very singular odor.
It's indescribably disgusting.
It's hard to explain, but when you encounter it, you'll probably know. smells like a dog took a poo on a dead cow thats been sitting in the sun for a month
How to describe a smell? I am not sure. But I will tell you that a skunk is a very strong, overpowering aroma, and once you smell it, you'll never forget it.

Also, you don't have to be very near a skunk at all to smell a skunk.
A little bit like fresh milk, I think. Whenever I check my milk, I check for a "skunky" smell. If it's skunky, it's fresh. If it smells sour, then it's no good. Of course, the scent of a real skunk is much stronger. I actually don't think it's unpleasant. Just strong.
Something like burning rubber mixed with garlic, also slightly burnt.
well... i really dont think you wanna know haha. its a very strong bitter smell that sticks for a very long time.
We have skunks everywhere here. Once you smell it, you can never forget. But it's hard to describe... pungent, burns your eyes and nose even when its not that strong. A skunk can walk by and not "spray" and it still will be strong!!
It's a musky scent... Anyone else have a good comparison???
If you can imagine what Hell would smell like that a skunk !! It's like a burning sulfur rubber smell that just won't go away!!
I have never been near a skunk and I am sooo Happy...Knock on Wood, but I hear if you do get sprayed bathe in Tomato Juice..Kinda Funny but I hear it Works...Haha
It's a really concentrated musky smell. If you got a direct hit from a skunk, your eyes would water and the smell would just be overpowering. You would feel the scent engulf you. If you just caught a whiff of where a skunk had sprayed recently, it would be similar to the lingering odor of marijuana. That's the only comparison I can think of.
You don't want to know. Trust me.

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