Thursday, July 30, 2009

Should the stores be placed under fines if the pet foods are caught on store shelfs?

Seeing to many of the animals die out.
Yes!! they should be!But from what I've been hearing they are just mixing it up to water it down and other animals are now getting the food,how to stop this criminal behavior I don't know.
Yes!! There are cruelty to animal laws that apply to businesses, too. If stores shelve products that have been recalled then that is against local and federal laws.
YES!!! I will never buy any of those brands again because I will never be able to trust them again!! My god is the love of my life! I'm sure lots of people think the same about their baby!!
absolutely! they above all should know what they ought to sell. if they still have recalled food on their shelves they need to be fined heavily!

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