Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sugar Gliders?

I had a female glider for almost 3 years now, I just recently picked up two males about 6-8 months ago. I have kept them in the same cage and I cannot get those little guys to mate. Should I be doing something special? please help me!! :)
thank you so much
Casey S
Gliders are funny like that - some will have babies as soon as possible, others may never breed, or just take their sweet time with it. Like everything else in a gliders life, breeding happens on their terms lol :)

Something you may need to consider is getting one of the males nuetered - even if they are buddies, when she goes into heat they very well may fight and severely injure each other.

How old is everyone? Have the boys developed their bald spots? If not, give it a few more months before you can expect them to go at it. My boy did the deed about a month or so after his bald spots came around...

Other than that, there's really nothing to help the process along. For the future if you happen to have babies, check out - it has GREAT info on what you'll need to suppliment mom, and make joey formula if you need to feed the baby as well.

Make sure they're on a proven diet like suncoast or BML - if there is something in the environment like an improper diet or too small a space, they can hold out on breeding.

Good luck :)
Breeding gliders can be very tricky. Also, it is illegal to breed, sell, or even give them away in the United States without a special permit, so if you haven't got one, don't try it.

If you do have a permit, try increasing the amount of protien your female is eating. She'll need a lot to have babies. Also, are you sure your males are sexually mature? They should have a little bald patch on their heads.
You need to lock them in the cage with a comfertable area. then cover the cage with a blaket and leave them allown.

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