Thursday, July 30, 2009

Small Pets!?

they say you can take most pocket pets on walks exept dwarf hamsters.They are to small.Can you take fancy mice for walks or are they to small?
Fancy mice are definitely too small. The only ''small animals'' that are suitable for being taken on a walk (assuming you mean on a harness/leash.) are:

I don't even think guinea pigs are suitable, in my own opinion. They often get too stressed out over the harnesses.
But keep in mind, they aren't going to walk WITH you. It'd going to be YOU walking with them. They aren't like dogs, they don't follow.
the small pets that are taken for walks are large rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, and rabbits. nothing else
to small
I think you are referring to pets who need excersise even the petite one need exersise. They have for hampsters spinning wheels where they can walk as long as they like too.
u can certainly take them on a walk. just make sure you are able to have the mice attached in some way(as in a leash).
maybe i was gonna ask the same ques.

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