Friday, July 31, 2009

They killed my Groundhog but wont kill spiders!?

I live in an apt. and there was a groundhog that lived next to my porch. He's been there about 3 years now, at least. Someone came and shot him today.. and set traps up to kill any other ground hogs. My fiance and I used to feed "Henry" (the ground hog) carrots and he was like one of our pets .. My biggest issue is that this apt. building has a problem with spiders, my upstairs neighbor got bit by a brown recluse and had to have a golf ball sized part of her leg removed because of the poison.. When she asked the landlord about exterminating them he said that she would have to pay for it herself. How is it fair to kill the wildlife that live here and not kill the spiders that are POISONIS?!?! ..And to top it off they didn't give us any warning that they were setting traps. Many of the tennents here have cats that we let outside. The only reason I know they set the traps is because I was home and saw it and talked to the guy. HOW CAN I CONFRONT MY LANDLORD ABOUT THIS??
Call your local animal control or the sheriff if you live out in the country. It is quite possible that shooting close to inhabited buildings and shooting and trapping wild animals is illegal here you live or requires a permit. Both can be violations of animal cruelty laws. Trapping pets is definitely against the law.

Also call your local housing authority to complain about the spiders.

And in both cases, call your newspaper ot local TV stations. You don't have to put up with the spiders, and the killing of the animals should be reported.

And if the landlord tries to retaliate, that should be reported, too.
Honestly, I would just leave. Find another apartment. If he is gonna treat you like that, ditch the basterd and tell people about him.
tell him everything exactly the same way you wrote up there. and make sure you emphasize that a chunk of your neighbors leg had to be cut off. if that doesnt work, you can always gather up your neighbors and have a meeting w/ him about it im sure they all agree with your case.

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