Friday, July 31, 2009

The perfect pet?

My friend is looking for the perfect pet, but her mom is allergic to cats, dogs, and hamsters. Her mom doesn't like fish, and won't let her get a reptile. She doesn't want a hairless cat or dog, so what other pets are there? I'm looking to get one for her birthday if I can.
I would completely recommend a rabbit. They are wonderful pets, and make awesome companions. You should make sure that a pet is something that your friend would want though, first. You wouldn't want to get in trouble! Sounds like a hard choice to choose since so many animals her would cause a problem. Guinea pigs are kinda cute too. Is she allergic to gerbils also? They are small and easier to care for. An exotic animal that might be something to consider could be a sugar glider. They are very cute, and that isn't on the list of "not to gets!" Or what about a chinchilla? They are small, and pretty affordable! Or do you maybe want something completely different?!?! Look into a capuchin monkey! But look into these exotic pets fully before purchasing one. Here's a link to my rabbitry if you want to look into rabbits.
www. freewebs. com/tadychrabbitry (((POST THE LINK IN THE ADDRESS BAR SO THAT YOU CAN GO))) ***JUST TAKE OUT THE SPACES!!!***
Hope you find what you are looking for!
Get her a little bird

edit: If shes alergic to hamsters she is most likely allergic to most furry animals like rabbits, rats, or guinea pigs.
what about a rabbit? or a bird of some kind...although they can be noisy and messy... hmm second though, go w/ rabbit!
birds are great for a person that has bad allergies. budgies (parakeets), or cockatiels are great. you can teach them tricks, to talk etc. lovebirds or conures would be the best to start with. as you get into the bigger birds some of them have dander that can disrupt the allergies pretty bad. do some research on some birds and see what would fit her best.
Well, it sounds like her mother doesn't really care for animals. Depends on her age too and how responsible she will be for the animal since it looks like she wouldn't be getting much help from her mother.
Maybe a parrokette(sp)? She could keep it in her room in a cage and wouldn't have to worry about it annoying her mother!
i strongly recommend a ferret ! They have a TON of similiar qualities as a dog or cat, and they are super clever and curious ! I have a female ferret and she cheers me up no matter what ! She`s like a kid and takes lots of time and attention out of you, so be sure you are time-wise enough to be responsible and own a ferret ! They are also kind and the ones at petco are well-trained :] hope i helped :D now go buy a cute little ferret to add to the family !
A pygmy goat makes a great pet, and they're loving like a kitten and will follow her around like a puppy. They eat about the same amount as a dog...depending on the dog...and they're a lot of fun.
Other goat breeds are also tons of fun, and when they're old enough, they can be bred and milked, so they're also very useful.
If she lives in a place without a yard(ex:an apartment), a chinchilla is also a lot of fun. It's impossible to be allergic to them (they bathe in dirt instead of licking themselves), and they're a lot like a big hamster.
A ferret can also be a lot of fun.
Birds may be a bit annoying, but they're great pets if one likes them.
1) PLEASE do not just get her a pet without knowing she will take care of it and her mother will let her keep it. if you do talk to them and both agree on a pet, maybe you could pay for first cage/food/whatever the animal needs.

2) maybe a hairless rat? do research on rats and you will find what great pets they are.
pet rock
i'd go with a bird!
you should get her a bird like a parakeet! they are also really easy to take care of!
a lizard or something like that

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