Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spider monkeys?

hi my name is molly and i am looking for a spider monkey. i have always wanted one and i was wondering if anybody knew where i could adopt one and if i need a special license? thank you.
You don't want a spider monkey. My husband won one at a carnival years ago, The sucker was pure evil. Yes, they do sling poo!
Chances are you'll need a permit. They're an exotic animal and banned in many areas.

Beyond that... do your research. Spider monkeys (as well as most exotics) make HORRIBLE pets. They look cute on TV shows, but that's rarely how they behave.

Monkeys belong in the wild. Don't support poaching and other illegal practices by encouraging the exotic animal trade.
If you live in Louisiana,Kentucky, or Maryland, or Pennsylvania then you cant own a primate as a pet.

Similar questions have been asked, and answerers have mostly given negative feedback, about owning monkeys as pets. You should check out the website Pet Monkey Info. mht
You can learn a lot of the pros and the cons about owning your very own pet monkey ! lol
I wanted one badly when I was young, looking back I can really see I didnt have it in me to do all the traing and upkeep as well as attention and exotic like that truly deserves
A person whoe is looking for a pet in a specific area must tell what area they live in.
This is not the kind of animal that makes a great pet. If it's even allowed in your state...

They're not easy to keep because there's very little info available (see if your local pet shop has a book on them.) And you would first have to make sure you have a vet in your area willing to deal with one and knowledgeable about them.

We have parrots (pretty common pets, right?) and the last place we lived we would have had to drive 5 hrs for a vet for them.

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