Thursday, July 30, 2009

Show name ??

i have a chestnut mare throughbred who is called Abbie and she's lovely and i hoped to compete her this summer as i got her in december but need a show name anyone got any ideas???
lady dinklewinkle
miss vixen, or abbey the showstoppa!!
Abbie street
Does your farm have a name? Take the area she is from and come up with something like that. Or take a quirky thing she does and incorperate it.

Chestnut Fire
Swiftwind Chestnut Fleet o Foot
HillKiller Fleetest Girl
Abbie's Mile Destroyer

just a few ideas.
One of mine was Tailswisher cause she had a nervous habit of swishing me while I combed her. Made it hard to get her braids in.
ADDITION: If you want Lady Maramlade then name her that. Why ask for help naming an animal if you already had a name? Its a cool name I like it. It will fit well with a Chestnut Throughbred. Good Luck.
I called my Mare Broadway Pretty Girl she was black and totally gorgeous, you could call her Golden Abyss, Abbydale Rosie Cheeks (just making them up now pretty crap aye) just have a good look at her and the name will come to you.
Good Luck.

Lady Marmalade has been done many many times I like the suggestion Relight My Fire it's catchy and funny and people will talk about it and she wont be forgotten.
Abbie Applecrumble
blitzen storm bird beens as u had her in december u mite think its a mad name but hope its of sum help gudluk with choosing her a show name and hope u do well with showing her i the summer gudluk both
abbey dabby or abbey showdabby
If your dog is kennel club registered it will have been given a show name. You should check into this as it may now be a requirement of all show dogs!
on the lady marmalade theme and her being chestnut what about
moulin rouge (after all red is rouge yes?)
good luck in your competitions ,i wish it was me!!
go for lady marmalade.
one of my mares names is Lady Kitana, Kitty for short
Relight my fire? Fab name for a chestnut!
Lady Marmalade Sounds good!

Try this website that i've found:
You have to submit her registration papers to each show, and she should have a show or official name on them already
I think Golden Angel will suit her but a horse's show name can be anything you want.

i've just had this trouble with a pony i'm going to compete and her stable name is Spook and everyone say's i should go as Spookus but thats stupid so i choose Clint Farm's Grey Lady. Clint Farm is in where she is kept and Grey Lady for being grey mare.

good luck and make it funking without being over the top
take the name of your mare Abbie ... then add the first part of your address ... mine is 'orchards fields' ... so you could use the first part as in abbie orchards ... what sounds a better is abbie fields ... that way no two mares would have the same name.

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