Friday, July 31, 2009

The Photographer?

My boy Raymond had a prize goat that won all the awards at the State Fair every year. The goat finally got so old that he passed away. As a tribute to that goat, my wife Sharon Gene and I decided to have the goat photographed for posterity.

We didn't want a photo of him dead, so we put him up on the clothes line in the back yard and posed his legs like he was runnin'. We called the best Photographer in our small town to come out and take pictures.

That very day, he came out to our place, took one look at the goat on our clothes line and took off cussin' and carrying on. Does anyone know why???

R.D. Mercer
In a way, its a bit wrong, the photographer probably thought it was goig to be alive, of taht it was going to sitting up, rather than on the cloths line.

He probably though taht is was cruel and dishonarable to the animal, and should have been let to rest.
maybe he thought it was going to be alive. maybe he was thinking you guys are sick and wrong
i have a feeling this is fake.but

i woundnt be happy if that was me...
Maybe the wife's decision, Sharin' genes, and hanging out a horny old goat for posterity?

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