Friday, July 31, 2009

The case for sheep?

I live on a small plot of land and we are thinking about getting sheep to mow the lawn. We would like to know how much we should feed them and how much it would cost. We live in Saranac Lake, NY.
if there going to be on pasture all summer they wont really need much.
If they are not on full pasture 24/7 of good pasture.

Depending on how many they will need like 2-3 flakes of hay lunch and dinner for 3 sheep and so on from there. Hay is usually like 4-6$ a bale, and has about 8-10 flakes of hay. As for feed they will need just a pellet that is usually about 10 bucks for a 50 lb bag. you would want to give each sheep about a coffee can full for a small sheep, 2 for a bigger sheep. i forgot the name of the feed though, but you can just go to the feed store and ask them for a sheep pellet. i think blue seal course 14 is one.

If i were you i woul go with lincoln sheep or romney. both are really small and calm breeds that are pretty easy to keep. they are soo cute too!
Good Luck sheep are alot of fun!
If you let your sheep mow the lawn you will be buying grass seed next. They eat root and all.
If you want lawn mowers without maintenance get a Dorper or White Dorper. They shed their fleece so you dont need to shear and they have placid temperments. I have 44 rams living in one paddock and they all are happy with life I even have a few that are more like dogs-they love a scratch behind the ear!

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