Friday, July 31, 2009

Taking my rabbit to the vets for a mxy jab?

thing is he hates being picked up, ive been practising intising him into a pet carrier - any tips please, helppppppp lol !!
OUr rabbits hate going in the carrier too. To help, we leave the carrier open in their room so they can go in and out when they want. When it is time to put them in, I usually have to pick them up and I telll them I'm going to do it and put them in the carrier. I swear they understand. Be quick and confident when you pick them up. I place one hand between front legs at the same time I put one hand under the butt and bring the bunny to my chest. They need to feel secure or they can twist around and hurt themselves. There are more pointers about handing in the links I'm sending.
You can give him a teeny tiny piece of fruit, like 1/2 a raisin when he goes in and the other half when he gets home. Might help to ease the pain.
what is a mxy jab? unless there is something truly wrong w/the rabbit, call the vet or wildlife specialist for advice. the rabbit can be seriously injured when picked up or removing from carrier.
A maxi jab I presume is pretecting against maximatosis.

Anyway about picking up your rabbit. Its just one of those things the rabbit will have to get used to. Here is a website on how to pick one up propally:

If you use the technique on that website I am sure hel get used to it quickly. You just need to practice with him. Some rabbits just dont like human contact and I am very lucky to have a rabbit which doesnt mind what you do..but thats the nature of him. If you want the type of rabbit you want to pick up get and "English" rabbit.

The rabbit WILL jump around until you have got him in your arms and comfy. He will not feel safe so thats why he tries and gets out. Also, somethign I do with my rabbit is if you can let yours own lie on the ground and let him come up to you so your heads below his because thats the best way to get them to trust you! ]

Good Luck, John
I work in a rescue and sometimes rabbits do just hate being picked up. When putting him into a carrier, make sure you grab him and put him in the carrier quick. Otherwise he will know something's up. I still am unsure sometimes when the rabbits are a bit squirmy but am assured if you are hesitant, they sense it and run rings round you. The other way is to every morning put the carrier to his hutch so he can jump in, have a carrot or greens or something to entice him in, then put the carrier in his run. At night, reverse the process making sure his veg is in the hutch so he something to look forward to or a reward for going in the carrier. It took me months to 'train' my bunnies but they on the whole quite good at this. Please get his jabs done, it's worth it as Myxi is a horrible disease. Otherwise get someone to help to put him in.
put fave food or toy in first. i have a carrier that unclips and the top comes off as this is best for getting them in, most vets are happy to give jab while they are in it like this too.
Also, one of my rabbits is neutered and the other isnt, my neutered rabbit was able to be house trained, loves being carried and is a bit like a cat really. The other is mad! dosnt like being carried, cant really have a hug for long and isnt house trained. maybe getting yours neutered would help.

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