Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sugar Gliders?

Does ANY ONE know where I can get sugar gliders at a low, low price?? Please help!!!
It's already been said, their really isn't such a thing as a "cheap" sugar glider. Even if you were to get one free, their upkeep can be daunting. Toys, diet, vitamins, cage, vet costs, just to name a few things you'll have to dish out $$ for. $75-150 is average for one, but they really need a companion, even if you spend every waking moment with your glider it would still be happier with a friend of it's own kind...

Another thing to consider is that MOST people who are getting rid of a sugar glider for "cheap" has likely not had enough time to spend with it. You'll end up with a terrified unsocialized glider that will take months of time and patience to build up a bond and trust.

HTH :)
Sugar Gliders are not a ''low price'' pet. They usually cost around $75-125, not including the cage, food, etc.

They're not cheap pets. Reconsider your choice, if you aren't willing to pay the cost.

The ''cheapest'' you'll be able to get a Sugar Glider, is if you find one in a local shelter/rescue.
I believe they are illegal in some states. Check online.

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