Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sick and weak stray cat,shoudl i call the SPCA?i don't want it to be put to sleep?

There is this female cat,under my school blk,she has been there from the time i start my first day at sch,she looks weak all the time,and sometimes her saliva is hanging from her mouth,i thought of calling the SPCA,but i'm afraid that they will put the cat to sleep,i did feed the cat every now and then,but that's only in the day,and she is very thin,and sleep mostly in the day,she has been sterilized as 1 ear has been cut off a bit.

Please tell me what to do,i really don't want the cat to be euthanized if i call the SPCA,yet i know they already have a lot of animals more than they can handle,and i can't adopt the cat as i already have 1,my friends too..i wish i could adopt the cat,but my mum would object to there any animal society in s'pore that take in stray cats???,it really breaks my heart to see her so weak and sick..her sick and poor face tells it all,even her eyes...please tell me what to do?is it cruel to put cats to sleep??i think it is,i want that cat to live..
please call the SPCA... if this cat is ill, it needs help.

i think the SPCA tries to help sick and ailing animals, and they do everything they can before they consider putting the animal to sleep. sometimes, hon, it's best for the animal to be put to sleep. if there is no cure for their illness, if they are old and weak.

the cat could be suffering and in pain right now... and at least he would have a warm place to be with people who want to try and help at the SPCA.

it's a shame that whoever owned the cat didn't take proper care of it. it's people like us who find them and have to make these tough decisions.

i think you would be doing the most humane thing by calling someone for help.

in answer to your question, "is it cruel to put animals to sleep?" -- i don't think it is, when it is the last resort. they will give the animal a sleeping medicine first, so that they are very drowsy before they get the shot which puts them to sleep. it's painless for the animal. it just drifts off to "sleep"... and hon, this is a better thing than knowing the animal is suffering in its life.

sending hugs and love... take care ok?
Hi - you are so kind to be so concerned, as I would be too! Although there is a possibility the cat may be put to sleep, you will be doing the right thing by calling the RSPCA. It sounds like the cat may be in a fair bit of pain, and it really doesn't deserve to suffer. Otherwise, unfortunately it may die a slow and painful death.
if you ask me it sounds like the cat is suffering if it's thin, and salavating. i think it's cruel to let the obviously sick cat suffer. you should at least call the humane society to come pick her up and they will determine if she can be treated and put up for adoption or if she's old and sick and needs to be put down to end her suffering. put yourself in the cats place, would you like to be starving and feel like crap all day long everyday?? do the right thing, call someone to help the cat!! please.
I would call the SPCA they can help her. You dont know if she has feline aids or Leukemia. These are two very common illnesses in stray cats. At the shelter they will do some tests that tell them if she has them. They will do everythings they can for her and try to get her a home ifshes in good health.
I would drop her off at the vet and then (after she has seen the vet) take her to the SPCA.

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