Thursday, July 30, 2009

So last night a a sad thing happened to me.?

my dwarf hamsters fought it out and bleed really really bad. they have severe cuts all over and i dont know what to do...
(2 females) this never happened before.
Wow. That is sad. Separate them, like everyone else said. Is that the only thing that was sad that happened to you?
Wow. Seperate them, obviously. take them to the vet
Hamsters cannot be kept together, they are solitaires.You will need to seperate them.
Make sure that u never buy hamsters again. Next time buy an awesome turtle, then you can go swim in the ocean with it! YA
Hello...all you can do is seperate them, this happens often when you mix two adults, a male might mellow them out, if they survive, they could have tried to breed even with each other...JFI, animals are "Gay" they just don't know any better when they have the urge to mate, sometimes it's about dominance too...but they do reproduce at rapid rates %26 will even breed with their offspring, again ..just how Nature is %26 VETS don't usually bother with things like hamsters, tho some might, I'd call first ;) Take Care :)
Females fight for dominance of a certian area if their put together. Seperate them immediutle and put antibotic cream on the cuts and get them to a vet as soon as possible.
Most hamsters prefer to be solitary. Consider purchasing a cage to separate them, and have both of them checked out by a vet.
duh put mabey a glass seperater between them they will just keep fighting if u dont.
go to a pet store there is a cream for lactating cows you can put on their wounds it is safe and seperate them
call the vet!
Why dont people do their research before taking on the responsibility of being a pet owner?

Hamsters are solitary animals, i.e they live on their own. Put together, they will fight till death occurs.

Seperate them, and take them to the vets to get a check over. On your way home, get an extra hamster cage.
I think that you should separate them and take them to a Vet.

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