Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Show Name?

My horse is a 7 yr old thoroughbred, mare, darkbay, and her name is Summer.
Anyone have some suggestions
Summer is a very pretty name for a mare to begin with so I would add something to it like Summer Night, Summer Sun, or Best Summer Ever. You could also put a trait with Summer like Prancing Summer or Summer Dancing. You could pick something to do with your discipline like Speedy Summer/ Summer Speed for a barrel racer or Over the Jump Summer. Good Luck! Have fun showing her!
ummmmmm.. how about
~Summer Dreams
~Catch Me a Summer Rainbow
~Sweet Summer Love
~Summer Solstice
~A Mid Summer's Night Dream (or som10 lik dat)
~Runaway Summer
~Love me like Summer
~Summer Breeze
~Blue Skyed Summer
~Sweet Summer Memorys
~Summer Time
~Slow Summer Walts
~Sassy Summer Jazz
~Summer Rain
~Summer Storm
~Summer Tango

Sorry for not noing wat u were usin ur horse for so i said som western some english but they all could B used 4 both!!!
how does "summer" sound to her??
Ginger.wait is this for a name? Well if it is then Ginger, Sandy, and Autumn
Summertime Blue.
Mistral (its a Wind in southfrance )
um my horses show names are zipped in iron (zippy) and zippos in style (cinnamon) howabouttttttttttttt summer on high lol idk i just made that up
Summer Storm
Long Hot Summer
Hot Summer Nights
Summer Soltice
Summer in the South
Summer Romance
One Fine Summer
Summer Dreams
Changing Seasons
Door into Summer

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