Thursday, July 30, 2009

Starting a tack shop?

hi there. well i am seriously thinking about opening a tack shop. i know ton of horse people and they were the ones who suggested getting a tack shop. if you have any advice or suggestions it would be greatly apreciated. also i am wondering if you had any good names for the tack shop. i will try to answer any of your question you have. so if you have any ideas please tell me.

thank you
Woo Hoo! You go, girl! Sounds like you're not planning on having any time off for a while.
From a consumers point of view - have a good range of as much as you can afford to stock, though if the area you're in for example is the dressage hub, stock a bit more English, obviously go more western if most people in the area are into pleasure. Stock basic first aid. And learn as much as you can about absolutely everything you're selling - there's nothing more frustrating than shopping somewhere where they have no clue what your asking for.
Go on a tack shop tour, go to as many as you can, see what they sell, how they make you feel when you go in, snoop about for average prices on the products you intend to stock.
Good luck! Sounds like fun!
that's great, i hope it works for you. the main issue i have noticed with tack stores is the fact they never seem to be able to stay in business for more than 10 years, i don't know if the competition from say jeffers equine catalog and other catalog sales and ebay are to blame, but you need to be able to comparatively price your stock. i have noticed specialty shops seem to do better ie western or english geared. either way i would offer the basics like wormer, supplements , halters, bits, lead ropes, lunging equipment etc. i would also think about offering a consignment area. my main tack store had an enormous selection of consignment and new merchandise, unfortunately they picked a very remote area to operate in and as a result eventually closed after 8 years. an example of some tack store names i have heard- mustang sallys, critter tack and feed, the silver spur, the tacky horse, poor boys tack shop, hilltop saddleshop, equines unlimited, the barn door, parish feed and supplies. as for ideas how about rolling rock saddleshop, the tack room, or horseshoe saddlery

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