Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should I water(sprinkle) horse pasture?

I have about 2 1/2 acres for grazing that doesn't grow fast, I have taken my horses off of it for a few days to let it grow a little more. We haven't had alot of rain and I want to be able to let my horses be out there for a while with out having to worry about not enough grass. I pick all the horse poop from the pasture weekly and it doesn't seem to grow as fast as the grass outside of the fence. Should I water(sprinkler) it before putting them back out there to graze? I have only two horses on that pastue at one given time. Right now they are in a pasture of 2 acres that doesn't have any grass. How long should I wait before putting them back out there? They do have hay in the pasture they are in right now.
No harm in watering it! Sure just set out a sprinkler hopefully it will grow. The reason that its not growing is probably because the horses walk around on it all day so just keep them where they are for a couple days and water that field! Good luck.
It sure can't hurt. My 7 horses are in a dirt paddock with free-choice round bale hay while my small pasture grass is resting. I can't water my grass - so you're lucky! Maybe some fertilizer and watering will make it grow. Good luck - and let's all pray for rain... or we won't have any hay!
Of course you should water the grass. It's just like other grass, isn't it? Well, horses need good and healthy, juicy grass. But make sure that when you water the grass, say every few days, make sure that the poop in that area is gone. Water about, say, a big piece of grass per day. Do another area of grass on another day. Alternate, is what I'm saying.

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