Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Should i get anoter pet?

i already have a hamster but i dont know how long he's gonna live so when he dies should i get another pet ? but it cant have too much fur or be a reptile please help me deside!
it depends on how you feel...if you think it's ok to get another pet right when your pet dies then thats your opinion. my opinion is i wait at least a month to get over my pet dying. but dont ask yahoo users, ask yourself...
if u want!
this is your decision
Yes, but don't worry about how long your hamster is going live, I think that a rabbit would make a good pet; they are easy to care for, can live inside or outside and are low priced. If you are looking for a rare and expensive pet, I would suggest a chinchilla because they are so sweet and don't have that much fur. Have you considered a bird? Lovebirds and doves make nice, quiet and easy-to-care-for pets
if you want another one go for it try a bird if you don't want 1 with fur make sure its not 1 that makes to much noise they can be bothersome do your research
Guinea pigs, are great animals if you take good care of of them let them run and clean there cage then you should be fine. Most of them are very mellow and woont bite but might nibble a little. You need any help with a guinea pig contact me or go to the site below.

They are very loving animals and caring friends!
ya you should get a new pet. but dont worry about when your hamster will die. I think the best pet would be a couple of fish. I have a betta and they are easy to care for.

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