Thursday, July 30, 2009

Suggestions for making hamster toys?

Does anyone have any tips or methods for making hamster toys, either from wood or cardboard etc.?
I've used untreated wood for chewing toys, frozen carrots make good toys. (Unthaw them a bit so they don't freeze to their skin) but keep them frozen enough to be relatively hard. Its a good treat and chew toy.

I've also used cardboard. I covered the grated walkways of his cage with cardboard to be easier on his feet, and he enjoys shredding it up.

here's a place with AMAZING hamster homemade toys you can try.
my hamsetr likes toliet rolls lol
Toilet roll tubes make great toys for hamsters, they love to chew and rip them to shreds! Either put a whole toilet roll tube in or cut it - so that there are lots of tubular circles :o)
toilet roll tubes are fab - put some treats in there keep your hammy happy and stimulated, why not make a ball out of scrunched up paper again with a treat inside - you dont have to spend much to keep pets entertained
itchen roll without paper (naturally) cut two holes in oppsite side and then place gently infront of the little dears

anything with cardboards very exciting

old toothbrush
anything chewy as their teeth dont stop growing
My hamsters love toliet rolls and towels :)
i give my hamster toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and wrapping paper rolls. Its a good chew toy and they can crawl through them

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