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What can you do for a dog?

what can you do for a dog that does nothing but freakin scratch all the time? I have gave her I dont know how many baths and still all she does is stratch. Its starting to get on my just kidding but really is there anything I can do for her?
You said your dog itches alot and yo have given her several baths. I agree it could be skin allergies, but with all the baths you have given her, it could be severe dry skin problems. Giving a dog too many baths can affect their skin. I would recomend taking her to a vet. The sooner the better. I have 2 miniature pinschers, 4 five week old puppies and 1 shepherd %26 husky mix. I give them baths every other month. That's about every six weeks. I the winter, I bathe them twice, and that is only if they need one. Good Luck!!
Your dog most probably has either severe allergies or fleas.

I would take your dog to the vet. There are medications for your dog that will subdue the itch from allergies.

In addition, you can get a "V" collar which keeps them from using their teeth to itch, which is a leading cause for injury for a dog's skin.
Did you give her a flea bath? A flea collar and don't give baths except for fleas. That will only irritate and dry the skin and make it worse.
you need to take to the vet and find out if its a mite or an allergy issue.
Dogs scratch. They may lick once in a while but they mostly scratch. Even the cleanest ones do. There are mites buried in their skin and not even the vet can take them all out. It's part of being a dog. What can you do? Next he comes near you, scratch him.
Here's a shocking, radical, off the wall idea:

Take your dog to a vet!
too many baths cause dry skin,do u see fleas,maybe have lice?if no bugs try T Gell shampoo/or oatmeal hair conditioner,it might be having a reaction to food or cleaners/shampoo/rugs etc .could of been an acquired habit..
our dog was doing the same thing and we bought a "stop itch" for humans (cream) and it seems to have worked! if you are in Queensland it could have Queensland itch, if so, you need to go to the vet.
Try not giving her a bath for a while, see if that helps!

Try switching foods. Try one that has a low-allergy formula. If you really want to go this way, try foods that don't have too many different ingredients at once (like "chicken" instead of "assorted meats") so if food has something to do with it it won't be too difficult to find what works and what doesn't. Try a lamb-base, a chicken-base, a fish base, etc.

Obviously you should consult the vet, but they can't always help with this problem. Antihistamines aren't always very helpful with dogs. Some steroids will help, but you should only use them under veterinary supervision.

Some times you just have to live with it. A friend of mine tried everything for her lab %26 nothing worked. Her vet had her try this super-expensive experimental medicine and even that didn't work.

I know it's hard to see your poor dog scratch %26 scratch %26 scratch without being able to help. Best of luck!
The more baths you give her, the worse she may be! Bathing strips the natural oills from the skin, and makes the skin itchy and dry.
Your dog may have an allergy. It may be food, or something environmental. Best thing to do is to take them to a vet, and ask to start allergy testing. Generally they start with food tests, as these are easier and less expensive.
A vet should also be able to give you something to ease the itch (and the scratching!), until you've worked out what the problem is.
Many, many reasons!

Please, stop giving her one bath after another. You making matters worse.

When people constantly wash their dogs, they are destroying the natural Ph levels, the skin dries out and becomes itchy.

I think if she would have fleas, you'd know. Do NOT use any flea products unless you know for sure it's fleas, and then please, only use what your vet will give you, like for example REVOLUTION, which is absolutely great.

Everything else is harmful and harsh. Hartz products have even caused toxic and deadly reactions.


She could be allergic.

Does she have a cedar dog bed? Many dogs are terrible allergic to cedar.

Do you use carpet chemicals when you vaccum?

What do you feed? When a dog shows allergies, THE BEST and first step to take is always, always, always check the quality of the dog food you are feeding.

Example: A client of mine fed Kibbles 'N Bits. Their dog had terrible allergies, scratching, fur missing, wounds from biting herself.

The vet gave them pills and administered shots.

I thought it was a terrible vet, out to make money instead to cure the dog, he masked the problem.

I told them to put the dog on a corn free, bha/bht free, artificial color free/artificial flavor free, diet.

The dog went on Nutro Natural Choice and within 1 month her coat was thick, luster, shiney. She also stopped shedding, she stopped itching.

Some dogs have mites. Genetic mites are terrible. Most dogs from bad, bad breeding background have genetic/inherited mites.

Here is what you do:

Stop washing her so much.

Check your/her environment for stuff which could cause her to itch.

Check the dog food you are feeding (IAMS is, for example, a terrible food. Beneful is also garbage, etc). Read the ingredients.
Change brand of food if needed (Nutro ULTRA, Nutro Natural Choice, Blue Buffalo, INNOVA, Nature's Receipe, Flint River Ranch... just to name some, are great).

If no difference, if no fleas, get a skin scrape done!
Have the vet check for mites and genetic mites.

Best of luck!

Btw. Quick personal tip: I thought up an idea on how to release the itch:

Buy oatmeal, mix with plain yoghurt. Put it all over her (In bathtub). If she licks it off, no big deal, the yoghurt cultures work in and out.
Let it sit for 20 minutes, then rins off with warm water, do NOT shampoo her!!!
may be you are bathing to much depending on type of dog
or try a differnt soap some thing than is not medicated
I know what you mean !!! it gets on my nerves!
Well we got her (Maggie) while we lived in Arkansas and thought that maybe it was fleas? well that was some of it we gave baths and treatments and nothing.
We moved back out to Arizona and brought her with of course and she has stopped for the most part, the vet just said it was probably a skin condition she lost allot of hair but now she seams to be doing quite well
every now and then she will get going but not bad maybe allergies?so apparently climate has some thing to do with it.
Maybe depending on where you live you could try a humidifier or a more suitable shampoo for allergies might work . Hope that helps

What can we humans do to stop abusing animals?

Gave them death row!!!
Take action yourself - be kind to your pets. Report animal abuse to the authorities. Do your part to save the environment. Support your local Humane Society (with donations of money, items and time - volunteers are always needed).

You can't control other people, but you can control yourself. Change needs to start at home.
Anytime some dirtbag abuses or neglects an animal he should be put in a database like child molesters and thrown in jail for the same time as if he did it to a child.
Education is the key. Some people are unaware of the correct and humane way of treating animals.
Basically we can only control our own behavior. But you can set a good example for other people to follow. Spay and Neuter your pet and spend lots of time with him or her! Show other people how easy it is to be a good pet owner. The examples of good pet owners we have out there the better!
Do not support and buy from large coorporation meat industries. That means no more Mcdonalds etc.
Treat animals well as an individual. Report abuse. Teach children to respect animals. Educate the public. Support legislation to improve the protection of animal rights. Stand up. We are their voices.
What do you mean?

It's not like a 12-step program. You either do or you don't.

The best way we humans can stop abusing animals is to NOT ABUSE THEM.

If you mean "What is the best way to stop animal cruelty in the world?", then the answer (in my opinion) is to help and support your local SPCA.
What I think is a biggie is to teach kids how to treat pets. I went to an after-school day care and did a talk about pets and their care. Afterwards one boy called the cops because his mom's boyfriend would shoot bb's at the dog to threaten them. He could have grown up thinking that was normal. Talk to kids. It really makes a difference.
Preventing animal abuse starts right in your own home and neighborhood - love your own critters and don't be afraid to report an obvious case of animal abuse! The people on the front lines of animal welfare (shelters, rescuers) are almost ALWAYS looking for volunteers and funding. One of my local humane societies had a story in their newsletter about a gentleman who takes his lunchbreak at the shelter - he comes in a couple times a week to play with the cats. Even something as simple as that can help acclimate a scared pet and make it more adoptable. :-)

Here's a big one: if you donate to an animal cause, make sure your money is actually going to help animals. Several prominent animal rights and animal welfare organizations have come under fire in the past few years because they've lost sight of their true mission or even misrepresented their goals. Please, check up on the organization if you're thinking about making a donation. When animals are suffering and rescue organizations struggle to stay afloat, we can't afford to let our donations go to waste!

If you eat animal products, consider supporting a local organic farm instead of the "factory farming" monopoly.
Your wallet is a powerful lobbying tool...

What can we do about animal rights?

first, start off by becoming a vegetarian and stop using products that are tested on animals..
I love animals. But you should worry what we do about our rights and children. There is harsher punishment for hurting animals than children. I am all for eat less meat don't wear fur. But I am concerned more about human rights. We have fewer daily and freedom is becoming less.
Becoming a part of the government. Only in changing laws can you change the way animal rights is 1. Viewed and more importantly 2. Acted apon.

I believe it is niave to think that just because you munch on a peice of celery instead of a steak it will change animal rights. It starts with people in power that can change the laws regarding health standards, puppy mills, animal testing etc. and the way the general public see things.
stop this that will be step one;...

What can u name a female horse?

a rare name please
Red Dawn if shes reddish!
Mines Tinkerbelle.

Why dont you go to and find one there.
jazzy? thats my friends horses' name.
I would name it something like LIBERTY, FLOWER, JONEY. Something that maybe has a meaning behind it. Like flower would mean that that horse it very gentle and loving.
What breed, what color? The breed I have has to have a Spanish name, so we would usually go with a marking or a trait or a color, then translate it into Spanish.

For instance, my last mare had an interesting mark on her face that looked like a little crown. We called her "Cori," short for "Coronada," which means "Crowned One." When we got our stallion my husband just wanted a name with "eagle" in it. Because he was a very dark bay I named him "Aguila de la Noche" - "eagle of the night."
show names: Strawberry daquiri, cloud dancer, cookies N cream, regular names: Sundance, Daybreak, Cloud
It really depends on the breed and type of horse. Being a mare (female) it needs to be girly, but it also depends if dhes a pony a cob or a hack. If shes under 14 hands, a pony, then something cute and tough, like Ginger, or Taylor or even Chilli, a Cob, is anything from 14 to 15 hands, theses are teh heights of working type horses, and general riding horses, good for children and adults, names such as Belle and Jasmin, a Hack is a haorse over 15 hands,m the giants of the equine world, names such as Bessy for a heavy horse, or Polly for a Hunter, look at her and figure out her personal traits, if she likes carrots or apples, or if she enjoys a frolic in teh sun or prefers to laze around and munch all day.

Other unuasual names:

Bonn Bonn

Anything goes
I have a horse too!Well,It depends on the kind of horse and its personality.Go to and type in female horse names.
Mine is Scarlett.But I like Katinka also.
DaisyBlossom well if she is brown ChocolateMarsmello
Isis (Egyptian goddess of all_
Athena (goddess of war and wisdom)
Party Doll, Einstein(Carbons Grand Finale), May May(Melody Joy), Hitter(Sultans Big Hit), Tyler(Tijuana Dance), Shirley(Promeding Lady), Remmick, Oreo(Your worst Nightmare in Black and White)-he's a cute pony, Thor(Thunder), Hope this helped!

What can small hamsters be fed?

well they have special food and treats at walmart and the pet store and don't fed them any human food or chocolate or any veggies or fruits from the store or stand the have pestides they human can handle but a hamster cant just stick with hamster treats and food
I had a dwarf hamster and his favorite thing was cheerios. He also like waffles with maple syrup. Of course, I fed him hamster food, but I always gave him people food as a special treat. Try giving him a little taste of whatever your eating, you'll be surprised at the things he really likes.
The same thing as any hamster - hamster mix. They need this specially prepared diet to provide for all their nutrient requirements

As for treats - best just to stick with ones specially for hamsters, like hamster yoghurt drops, milk drops and chews or fruitnut sticks. There's plenty of variety in petshops to keep him happy!

What nobody has pointed out which is critical is that some Dwarf Hamster species (namely the Campbells Russian) are known to suffer from Diabetes which can be brought on by too much sugar being in the diet. So giving them feeds high in sugars is not a good idea, this includes store brought treats and things you'd eat yourself!
If you want to give them a more natural treat, why not try giving them a few rolled oats, or a millet spray?
hamster mix, fruits, cheerios, spaghetti-dry, veggies etc.

What can I major in if I want to get paid and get to work with animals, but not have too much schooling?

I don't want to be a vet (I can't give shots or kill animals or see them die), or a trainer of any sort, and I want to get paid enough to support myself, my 6 pets, and my horse. Also, I don't want to do TOO much more than 4 years of college, I would do a few extra years. Thanks!
Work toward a business degree and focus on customer service and marketing (sales, accounting and management are also great areas of study.)

You can do anything if you know how to promote yourself and retain customers. From this point, you can decide from a whole range of options including: pet business owner (from dog training to pooper-scooper services and everything in between), managing a pet store or large vet clinic, managine or operating a kennel or doggy day care, horse facilities, etc.
vetinary assistant
A vet Tech I think it takes 2yrs
A veterinary technician would be a good choice.
"The education required for a veterinary tech ranges from a 2 year associate degree to a 4 year bachelor鈥檚 degree. Depending on the school, these programs may be called veterinary technology or animal health technology programs. Graduates of 4 year programs often have a greater level of responsibility on the job than 2 year graduates, and may earn a higher salary. These graduates are sometimes referred to as veterinary technologists, while graduates of 2 year programs are called veterinary technicians." "Techs are generally responsible for the care of animals, as instructed by veterinarians. They may restrain and handle animals during examinations, perform lab work such as blood tests and urinalysis, and take and process x-rays. In addition, veterinary techs assist veterinarians with surgical procedures by monitoring the animal鈥檚 heart, pulse, blood pressure, and breathing during anesthesia and surgery. "
Also, animal caretaker would allow you to work with animals and for this you actually need no more than a high school diploma.
Then of course you could always consider working with horses. There are often no particualr requirements, but you could probably take veterinary courses and then get a job making sure race horses and such are in good shape.
You could run a kennel for dogs and cats and/or a stable for horses.

You could also be a pet sitter (although that probably doesn't pay too well).

You can also work at your local animal shelter.
I'm going to school for business. i going to open my own pet store %26 run adoptions in it. this way i can still help strays. later down the road when things are doing well, i am also going to open an animal sanctuary for pets who never get adopted %26 will have to be other wise put down. :)
Work as a tech for a veterinarian,they are up close and personal with the animals.
It you are willing to do some hard work, go to school for a biology degree with a focus on zoology...That's what I'm doing, and I plan on working for rescure groups, but I have also taked to some of the trainers at zoos and SeaWorld and they told my I'm on the right track to work for them...
It also helps, to get a job working with other animals while in college...I've been working at PetStores and a PetCare Specialist...basically I take care of the small animals, birds, reptiles and fish in the store...The killer whale trainer at seaworld told me she started the same way...
You can also try to volenteer for different vets, or get some internships...
You have to get a lot of experience and work your way up...

Hope this helps...GOOD LUCK!!!

What can i feed my kitten to fatten her up?

I just recently found it under my house and its very skinny-you can feel its ribs and spine..ive been feeding it dry cat food for the past 4 days (how long ive had it) and it hasnt put on any weight, is their anything that can help it gain weight?
Get hills AD from the vet, special food for cats who had operations or are recovering.Highly nuticient and very healthy-also they absolulty love it!
i fed my siamese with chicken (cooked). try that
cottage cheese
cream cheese
Put her on canned food and take her to the vet to make sure she doesn't have worms.
Don't feed it cottage cheese or cream, most cats don't tolerate dairy foods very well.

Try bacon fat. this will put some meat on it's bones for sure, (just make sure it has some water to drink afterwards.) You can even use this stuff to train it to come when you call.

Canned food also works well, since it's usually easier to digest.

Also I would take it to the vet to get vaccinated and checked for worms.

Be sure to have it neutered or spayed, once it is about six months old.

Good luck,
~Soylent Yellow
baby cereal from the grocery store mixed with a kitten formula from the pet store. that's what we're feeding the little kitten that we just rescued. he was abandoned alongside of the road and he can't be more 10 days old.