Friday, July 31, 2009

Tell me why?

my hamster seems really sad?

he sits in the corner of the cage, sometimes not moving for hours, even if i wave treats in front of him.
i know he is not blind, i have had a blind hamster before and he does not show the characteristics.

i think he is just really bored.any ideas anyone?

any help would be grearly appreciated.
thanks in advance :)
Put a wheel in the cage, or get one of those plastic balls that you put them in so he can run around the house, he will love that. I havent had a hamster yet that didnt love being able to run around in one of those. They usually all are like that though, they eat, and sleep, and when they have a wheel sometimes go on it, but they get bored with them sometimes. Mine used to make its bed under the wheel.. lol. I like the balls. You can buy them at walmart, and petco.
You could but some toys or even use toilet paper tubes for him to play in you could also put a napkin in, they like to tear things up. If that doesnt work maybe you could get another one (for him to play with). Also you could just let him out of his cage into a safe enviroment every once in a while.
How old is he? He might just be tireding out. Is he acting sick? Maybe he wants a girlfriend. Does he have a wheel? My hamster loved her wheel. Take him out everyday. Give him somthing to look forward to. Good luck :))
Get him some toys, a wheel and a plastic ball thing (It looks like a see through ball, but you can put him in it and let him run around the room in it.)
Maybe he is lonely and needs another playmate.

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