Friday, July 31, 2009

Teacup Yorkies.. are they good pets?

We currenly have: a Shiz Tsu, Choc Lab, Cocker Spaniel mix, %26 a Terrier/Sheprad mix
Usually they will have more health problems. BEWARE if a supposed breeder or god forbid a petstore is sellng a tea cup anything. This term is just a marketing ploy. It means the dog is abnormaly small. A"breeder" only looks at size as a reason to match dogs, not health, temperment, lineage, just a micro size. It's size with a large dog shouldn't make a difference, as long as the other pets aren't idiots.Usually a small dog rules the roost as my 3 lb Poodle does.
I'd avoid ''teacups'', as they are not a respected ''size'', and I've heard that they tend to have high risk of health problems.
Yorkshire Terriers are wonderful, but please get a standard size.
hyper boouncy little dog. unless your larger dogs have a problem with a napolean complex they should get along fine. if your bigger dogs dont like little dogs in thier face acting like they run the show id say no.
Yeah...with small size comes alot of special needs. For one thing- health issues aside- a small teacup dog is extremely delicate and would not be good for households with kids that might rough house it too much.and maybe not with other larger dogs either.

I'd get a standard sized Yorkie- they are small enough as it is and they are perfectly nice...yappy...dogs. ^^;;

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