Thursday, July 30, 2009

Something to care for?

At this time in my life I feel I need a purpose or to look after something , Im not talking about family/friends/girlfriends as I do all those things but just something like a small pet or something I can look after and care for so that it can eventually be turned into a hobby. I need something that will help me feel a sense of acheivment and will just help me learn about something new

I have to urge to fill some purpose in my life but I need a object/animal to do it with. PLEASE HELP ME !
Volunteer to foster dogs or cats (puppies, kittens) from the SPCA. They usually need someone who has the space, responsibility and enough time to care for otherwise homeless pets who need human contact. Some of these critters were abused and now have to learn that humans can be tender, caring and nurturing. Some critters have disabilities and need special care and special loving. The babies all need socializing, love, someone to care for all of their needs until they are ready to be adopted into permanent homes. By fostering, you get to lay some love on many needy animals, maybe bring out the sweetness of an animal that's had a horrible life so far. And you can arrange your fostering around your own schedule (don't take on new fosterlings if you'll be going on vacation during their need). It will also hurt to have to give up some of these guys--but at least you know they are ready for the big time because of your care, and will be (hopefully) going to homes where they will be loved and cherished.
help people, elderly, walk people pets... do something for society... u will feel complete
try a hamster or a ferret (( although they do smellquite a bit))
a cat or dog will be lifelong companions but a smaller animal might only last a couple of years
fish are good if you dont want much interaction just something to have around and clean after
i have two cats and 8 tropical fish and they are perfect for my life
i love them dearly
my fish were bought because i had that same feeling that i needed something to take care of
my cats were bought before so i could have companions ((and i love them soooo much)))
good luck and i hope that helps
Get a puppy/dog. Maybe the hobby in that can be agility competitions or dog shows.
Personally, i like fish. My husband and I have filled up our den with bala sharks, butterfly koi, and betas. It's really easy because we can't walk them or bathe them. All we do is feed them as necessary and clean the tanks once a month for the big tanks and twice a month for the small tanks.

We also have small dogs in the back yard and we take them on the road with us when we travel. Between the fish and the dogs, I have made hobbies out of both of them. When people come in, they always start talking about the fish. So I am really happy with my choices. Good luck!
See if you can voluteer at a local SPCA after school and weekends.That way, you will stay busy and be away from those crowds of teenagers, you mentioned in your other question.
Suggestion: Get a loving dog and try out as a Therapy dog. Then you could visit the elderly in Nursing and Retirement homes or hospitals. These folks miss their pets and enjoy talking with anyone who'll listen and heaven knows, nurses have no time. Failing that, do volunteer work at a Hospital or Hospice. You'll find your niche.
Look into getting some hermit crabs, they are supposed to be interesting pets. They do not require a lot of care, but you can set up a nice environment for them.
They apparently climb and you can hold them and they are not smelly like some other pets.
My dog have always filled huge voids in my life. They are great companions and a great source of love and fun. I take my Lab kayaking and hiking and camping and to parties with me. He is a constant loyal companion. You could get one and do agility or obedience with it, or train and then take your dog to nursing home and hospitals.

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