Thursday, July 30, 2009

Syrian Hamsters?!?

I want to get a new pet. My chosen pet is a hamster. But i want more than one. I've heard syrian hamsters will fight if they are put together. Is this true. And if so, how vigorous is the fighting?!
You've heard correctly, Syrian hamsters will fight. Usually they will fight until one is severely injured or dead. If you'd like to keep a few hamsters I suggest dwarf or robo hamsters. Also, you may want to consider gerbils they like to be kept several at a time, and they tend to be less odorous. Please don't attempt to keep more than one syrian hamster per cage, no matter how big it is, the result will not be a good one. Good Luck!

p.s. If you really want syrians you could get two cages...that's what i did! =)
brainstewie's super right. syrian hamsters can only be kept together when they're little, and as they get older, they fight to the death, or so the expression goes lol. when they're in their natural habitat, they will have babies, then they will all split up and go in their own directions and have litters of their own.
Yes they willl fight! I have 4 hamsters all in separate cages, one of which is a syrian. He's quite happy living on his own. If you want to have 2 hamsters, you could find winter whites. I have them but they breed like mad!! If you choose to buy 2 winter whites you can't have the same sex together because they fight. When the female has babies you have to separate them, it seems mean but otherwise he will eat them, no joking! hope this helps xx

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