Friday, July 31, 2009

THANK YOU DARRYL!but I do have another question about elephants.can their ears be pierced?if so,how many times

and does one use a regular human ear piercing gun, or... do I need to use a elephant gun? like the one that I had to use to put down my last one?
I have my Mammy's ears peirced, she really looks cute with those little mices (meeces, moosies) hanging off of them..

ps.. I used an elephant gun

RJ :)
You'll need an elephant gun.

If you use hoop earrings, the orphans will have more places to ride.

Bless you!
I'd only do it once in each ear.otherwise your just begging for an infection...
Why do you want to, do you really want too are you in a circus.
Please don't pierce his ears, it upsets their cooling ability. Just use clipp on earings.
I believe you can with a roofing nailer..
yes, thousands--and if you use the elephant gun, it's going to leave some BIIIIG holes
yes they can, mine could fit 47 on one of his...

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