Thursday, July 30, 2009

Special animals?

can animals be "mentally challenged"?
Yes they can. If it has a brain, it can have brain challenges.
I sure think my dog is...
I think so, my neighbor's dog is!
Yep. They sure can.
Yes. Just like people, animals can be mentally challenged.
normally not the Mother pushes them away or eats them
Yes actually people inbreed alot of animals and science has proven the more inbreeding you do the dumber animals get.
Yeah I'm pretty sure. My dog used to have seizure and now I sometimes think he's a little slow.
possible like humans dogs have a big brain so with a brain that big the can be mentally challanged
Yes. Not like humans though. They can either be born like that or have been raised in a way that is not condusive to a normal social environment, and when, enventually put in it, is not going to really know what to do. There are too many ways. But they don't have a mind like humans. They get depressed, but that doesn't last like a human because they function in what they have learned. For instance, if a dog was with another dog for years and the dog dies, it will be depressed. But it will bounce back because it will learn that the dog is no longer there and will learn to function without the other dog around. That is just how there mind is. Unlike us where we can last and dwell on things forever.
Definatley not. Animals are EXTREMELY smart!!!
I would think so

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