Friday, July 31, 2009

This is about my new hampster?

I recently got a hampster, but i didnt buy it, some gave it away and got it becuz i wanted to see wat having a hampster is all about. I like the hampster in all but when I try to hold it it will start nipping and getting scare it looks like it is trying to defend itself, but im not goin to hert him at all y does it nipp and attack wat can i do so it wont get like that and will let me hold it.
Because! You have to leave your hamster alone in its cage for a day so it can get used to its surroundings.

Then, try holding it! ^^ I have two hamsters, so don't worry, they are very loving and cute and they do not bite at all.
its a hamster not a hampster lay your palm in front of it and let it come to you it also sounds like the old owners abused it
you have to let it stay in its cage for a few days and then hold at least two to three times a day so it can get use to you holding it belive me i know i have 3 and not to be rude but its hamsters not hampsters
hamster's usually nimble on you if you ate it's favorite food or something sometimes hamsters teeth so they nible and FYI: if yu have a bar cage beware of the hamster putting it's head on the open space of the cage and it can't get out or anything be ready for tools and everything to take it out.
Have you recently eaten/held food? My hamster would nip my hand when she thought I had food in it.

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