Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some features of a sloth?

Is a sloth an inverterbrate or vertabrate
exoskeloton or endoskeleton
fur or skin
Is this for a school report? Anyways, here goes:

Vertabrate- has a backbone, like all mammals
Endoskeleton-of course, it's a mammal!
It has fur, and the slower the sloth, there might be algae living in his fur because he moves so slowly.
They have big claws so they can climb and they are peaceful. Their eyes are big and they have good night vision.
They are nocturnal.

Please don't base anything on my answer, if you want information, please research it!!!

EDIT: Sloths have an endoskeleton which means the skeletal structure is inside the body. An exoskeleton is when the skeletal structure is OUTSIDE the body. i.e. an ant or a bee. All insects have exoskeletons.
Sloths are vertebrates, which means they have a spine. They are mammals, and are like monkeys, only move VERY slowly. They have brown fur, long arms and really big curved claws for tree climbing. They are good swimmers, live in the jungle and eat fruit.

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