Friday, July 31, 2009

The sides of my hamster are going yellow orange!! Why??

I have a male black bear hamster (all black, white underneath) and he is going orangeish yellow on the sides!!! only a small patch though. Around the hips or scent area.
why is this happening? Tell me asap
the hamster could be laying in it's urine which would cause a stain. try a new litter that is more absorbent and clean cage frequently. in between cleanings try to scoop out soiled area of cage. good luck
probaly shedding or else lack of food
hes getting Ripe you should be able to eat him soon
Thats a really bad sign.2 of my friends had this happen to their hamsters and hat meant that they were going to die and had a very high form of disease. In a week the hamsters were all orange/yellow and had to be let go in the woods to die. :( i know,sad,but thats one of the consequences of having a small pet...
It could be urine stains. try mixing 1/2 and 1/2 water and vinegar and soak a cotton ball and wipe him. If it's not coming clean, it could be his fur is going through seasonal changes.
I have a syrian male hamster and sometimes the fur around the scent glands changes clolour slightly. sometimes it can look much darker, and greasy. this is where he is secreting the scent. it could well be thats all thats happening to your hamster. If the fella is eating and drinking and not withdrawn I would not worry to much at all. Animal fur can change colour through changes of season, and also through age, but if your in any doubt it will do no harm to let the vet check him over and put your mind at rest

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