Friday, July 31, 2009

They say people look like there pets if you have a dog what does it look like and do you think you look like i

I can tend to look like one of my dogs (only because i wear dark eye liner, and she has a fine dark line around her eyes), but, i work at an animal hospital, and it is amazing how often a client will come in, and when you look at the owner and the dog, they tend to look a like.

Sometimes the dogs face and owners face dont seem to have any resemblance, but, the pets tend to resemble their owners as far as health goes.

Usually, if an owner is rather overweight, the dog will be over weight as well... this is due to a lack of exercise and an excess amount of food on both of their parts.

either way, dont worry that you look exactly like your dog... you dont :-)
I have 2 great danes and they do not look like me or anyone else in my family.
My boyfriend and I have a jack russell shitzu. He is white (faired skin like me) and has big big brown eyes like my boyfriend and mine. He shares our personalities too. We're both on the leaner side as he is too.

On the other hand I am not covered in fur, have a horrible underbite, a black nose, nor is my boyfriend able to lick himself inappropriately!
I have a border collie, Candy, she is great, i guess shes pretty, a nice face and a kind eye, i dont think they so much look like the owner, though some do e.g. Pugs and poodle owners..anyway

I think its more about the personality, its a bit of both, i guess im like candy, and shes like me, we are shy but we love to play, we love to watch animals run and often shase birds (not me lol). Candy is young hearted and spirited, i guess im the same.

I do agree

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