Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sweet bay is it safe for rabbits?

i need to know if my rabbits eat the fallen leaves from my bay tree will it harm them.
i dont think itll harm him at all. but did u find the rabbit or buy him? if hes storeboght, u probly want 2 buy food 4 him cuzz in the store hes used 2 the storebought food and animals are realy bad at changin diets or else itll hurt their stomach, i think
im not sure, i wouldnt think so, but just in case, steer clear.
Make your bunny stop eating the leaves!!! Morning Glory (a flower) is highly poisonous to them. Some rabbits are notorious for having a sensitive stomach (my rabbit) and they get really sick from eating leaves and fresh food sometimes. They can die from a stomach upset, and also, rabbits can't vomit. That's bad because if something is affecting them they can't get it out. Please don't let your rabbit eat your bay tree leaves or fresh food. Just hay, around 3-4 times a day (small handfuls) and one tiny scoop of pellets. Too many bunny pellets can make your furry friend obese. Hope this helped!

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