Thursday, July 30, 2009

So im might be getting a horse right.. so i need a few tips?

what is the best food to feed it other than grass and hay?
how long till i get it on my property should i wait before i ride it?
should i always lunge it first before i ride?
how often should i ride?
just those questions thanks :)
If the horse is already on a grain ration and doing well, stick with it so as not to colic your horse and upset its digestion, if the horse's condition and diet need improving, introduce feed changes gradually so as not to upset his stomach. I prefer Purina products over blue seal or nutrena, but they are generally the same, it depends on how much money you want to spend, how hard you will be working your horse and what feed dealers you have in your area. Maintenance feeds with either(10-12 to 14% protein and 4-6% fat will do fine). Give your horse a day or to to settle in before you ride, if he is comfortable you are good to go. Lunging the horse before you ride is a good idea, especially If the horse is spooky and it warms him up before you ride. You can ride every day for pleasure or work your horse hard to get a good workout every other day with light exercise in between. It is all a matter of preference, congrats on getting a new horse, good luck.
**First, each horse requires a different diet--some horses can't even handle grass, and they can colic and die if they aren't used to pasture. I have a Percheron and he takes a flake of grass hay, a flake of alfalfa hay and an hour and half of pasture a day.
**ALWAYS make sure that there's plenty of fresh water available. You'll also need shade, and shelter. The area the horse will be staying in needs to be big enough so that he can run.
**You should be able to ride right away if you have a horse suited to your experience level. I never lunge my horse, he's ready to ride right away. That also depends on the horse. We bought him from someone that deals with the Amish, and he was a plow horse, so he's got a great personality.
**And ride as much as you want, but always make sure that you get him out of the yard enough. Horses get bored of their surroundings.
**Since you're asking these questions I'm going to guess that you may not be ready to own a horse. They are a HUGE responsibility, and it's a lot more than just feeding and riding. Find an experienced horse person in your area and ask them.

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