Thursday, July 30, 2009

Some help please with baby mice.?

My daughter's mouse has 4 babies that are 10 days old. The mouse's bedding is getting smelly. Is it a good idea to change the bedding or will it upset the mother mouse %26 her babies. She originally had 10 babies but after 3 days there were only 4 left so we are assuming these were the babies she wanted to keep. We would hate for her to do something to these babies because she is upset about being interferred with, ie changing her bedding. All sensible answers %26 advice gratefully welcomed.
as long as the babies have fur than she should let you touch them. i believe that they have fur and their eyes should be open by now. be careful when picking them up now though as they will be entering their hooper stage. you'll want to put them into something deep and pick them up over something soft. if you are really worried about her eating them just chance the bedding except for around her nest. that is until they start to walk around.
Two words... mouse trap
Shouldn't be a problem. Best bedding for mice is shredded paper.get a cardboard box with new bedding in,and gently move mother and babies. How come she has had babies? Where's the male mouse? Don't worry about losing them. Don't you know they breed like rabbits given the chance.But they do like it warmish with no draughts. The best container for your family would be an Aquarium glass tank. Then you can see what's going on.
well, you might want to wear some tight fitting gloves to avoid human scent on the babies when you move them, best thing to do...take the mother out first...

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