Thursday, July 30, 2009

Switching Dog Food...?

I am trying to switch my dogs food from wet to dry. What is the best way to do this???
make it a gradual mix...start off with 3to1 for a week then slowly increase to 2to2, then 1to3. Finally, the last week the dog will be completely on dry.
Do it over a week, replacing amount of canned with dry kibble or moistened kibbled dog food.
start by mixing the dry with the wet. Day by day add more dry then wet.
well to switch dog foods you usually want to decrease 10% each day. so with this method id say mix 10% of the daily serving size with the wet, then the next day 20% then the next day 30% eventually the dry will over power the wet and there will be no need for it when you get to the 6-7 day point. I commend you for switching to dry, wet foods usually do not contain every single nutritional value your dog needs. I just hope you are using a holistic brand like eagle pack, wellnes,innova, or canidae!! and not something you buy at the grocery store.

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