Friday, July 31, 2009

The weather is cooler, should i leave my horses fly fringe on still?

It has been boiling hot this past month, and feeling sorry for my gorgeous horse i bought a full face and ear fly fringe. it was all well and good when we were having an early summer. But now it is rainy and cold. Shall i leave it on still or take it off?
i would take it off,if its raining ifs it just cool and still sunny leave it on,make sure you put some fly repellent on as well to keep the flies away,my horses still have theres on when i turned them out this morning as its sunny with showers,but in the sun the pesky flys are back with avengance
take it off. they tend to rub when they get wet and are not really necessary on cooler days anyway, as there is less flies
Take it off it is only there to keep flies away so if there are few flies around why keep it on besides you stick it on your head and wonder round for 4 hours and see if you like it. you will always have flies near your horse its nature. so the more time your horse can go out without loads of things strapped to him/her ie rugs/boots/fly fringes etc all the better.
I would take it off - just make sure that droppings are picked up from the field regularly and the flies should be less of a problem anyway!

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