Thursday, July 30, 2009

Stray elephant in the neighborhood?

How do I get him to let me pet him? I've been leaving bowls of milk and tuna out for him, but after he eats he runs away--and if I try to pet him while he's eating he picks me up wiuth his trunk and hurls me down the block, so I'm guessing he's gone feral--anny suggestions as to how to make friends with him?
Aww, I think he already likes you!! He didn't stomp you, did he? No. Just keep trying, he'll let you pet him.
how big a gun you got

get a bigger one

oh and congrats on becoming a christian... lol

He is really just playing. You should know by now that he is just getting to know you.
break out the peanut vodka!

RJ :)
Stop feeding him tuna, this is a fishy idea. Milk is good, but try peanuts.
Next time you want to try and touch him, plan your approach, and have friend to help you.
Lure the elephant into an alley with the milk and peanuts, the get you friend to put a live mouse on the floor behind the elephant. When he's finished his food and tries to run away, he'll see the mouse, then run back to you for protection. He'll be so grateful that you saved him, you'll be able to do anything with him.
Have you tried a lasso?
You left bowls of milk and tuna? Are you crazy! Now that's a good way to piss off a stray elephant. Try leaving out some peanut butter casserole, that should get him on your good side. If that doesn't work, get a tazer and shock him into submission and while he's down ducttape up his legs and trunk. I know it sounds cruel, but really it's not. Elephants actually like to be treated like that.
Like any animal, you just have to have patience. He will come around. Just don't make any sudden movements towards him and he will eventually trust you.

Maybe he's mad because you put out tuna instead of peanuts! And everyone knows that elephants prefer rootbeer to milk any day. Give that a try. Good luck!!
try putting some peanut butter on a piece of bread...I see you are still at it..goood luck with that elephant...Ya know, I just remembered something...I saw a poster up for a lost one...I wonder if that could be the one you are talking about...what color is it...
wow thats awesome please contact me!

call 911.

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