Friday, July 31, 2009

They used to gas animals to death in the old city animal shelters ?

is that true ? i heard that when they couldnt find as home for them thats what they did --this is very disturbing -- it sounds awful -- just wondered if it was true or not --
yes its true I'm a member of Peta ,the organisation which stops all cruelty to
on there web site it shows the plight of these animals in our so called no kill shelter it broke my heart to watch the video,puppies being ripped away from there mum and gassed then live dogs being put on top,and gassed,they gassed 50 puppies and dogs within an hour.
its always kept quiet things like this and i am campaigning for this evil practise to stop,i don't know how anyone who says they love animals ,who works in a shelter could do this,end a dogs life because there is not enough space for all these unwanted dogs,its so cruel and the images will haunt me forever
It's still done.

This is why you need to tell people to get their pets fixed.
they still do it.
Believe it or not millions and millions of cats and dogs are put to death at shelters every year. They just are so overpopulated they don't have any choice. There are some no kill shelters in the U.S. but many of them are "kill pounds". I got my lhasa apso 2 years ago from a "kill" pound. She would probably be dead now if I had not adopted her. That is why so many people here preach and preach to get their dogs and cats spayed and neutered. It is indeed a very disturbing situation.
yeah it probally is true and they probally still do now in some places humans suck we treat animals as if they are nothing and something needs to be done about it!
Yep still being done. I feel everyone who wants to breed a cat or dog needs to visit the pound on this day. Might change there mind on breeding there non papered, non purebred, non show dog/cat!
Yes it is. They used to electrocute them as well.
Humane euthanasia is quite recent. One method wasn't developed until WW2, by a vet called Eddie Straighton who had to look after dogs and cats caught in the blitz. The methods available at the time were just awful, and he was sick of it so came up with a new idea based on drugs available at the time. Remember that anaesthetics and tranquilisers are quite new.
The anaesthetic drugs were seen as too expensive for charities though, since they have to destroy large numbers of animals every day.

There was a public outcry in the UK a few years ago and the 'killing boxes' have been replaced with more humane methods. Thank god, because it must de-sensitise the people who have to do it.
Yes, it is very true, I saw a short film, they put about 30--50 dogs,females %26 puppies all on top of each other,
(some of the dogs were wagging their tails) in a large box type crate, put a tube inside and turned the gas on, I was crying, it was so hearting breaking, when the dirty deed is done, they dropped them in thick bin liners kind of bags, and throw them in the back of a van, with no thought,and then take them to be cremated, When they return, they do all again, it takes about an hour, they still do it, but they keep it a secret, the men who do these kind of jobs are callous and have hearts of stone, I don't know how they sleep at night,
Have a look on the Peta web site thats where I saw it and other terrible things, Peta are there to help %26 protect they are wonderful, they care,
I think you may be thinking they are using the gases used during the holocaust, which were painful and a horrible way to die. You are thinking of the wrong type of gas.

Yes they still do it, and it is humane- a step right under euthansia. It is CO poison- millions of people choose this method for suicide a year because it is so painless, so it isn't restricted to animals. Basically, your brain gets starved of oxygen and you don't know it. You go to sleep, then you die. It is painless because your whole body shuts down slowly and you just get sleepy as your brain gets less and less oxygen. There are convulsions noted, but most are just the last twitches of nuerons firing- same thing as you sometimes get with euthansia.

As for the PETA members- seriously, how could you say you love animals? I have picked up after many PETA gatherings- they let animals loose from a research lab- most of the animals die from starvations or get eaten because they do not know how to fend for themselves. A self-proclaimed PETA member said that we should not cage in the goats at our zoo, so they fed poisoned corn to "end their suffering" and we had to clear the zoo and call the vet- the deaths were so painful for the goats- basically they bled out from the inside- we lost half of the herd that day, thanks to PETA. The vet was only able to save some of them, mainly ones that only ate one or two kernals.

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