Friday, July 31, 2009

Tell Iams That You Won't Buy While Animals Die!?

For nearly 10 months in 2002 and early 2003, a PETA investigator went undercover at an Iams contract testing laboratory and discovered a dark and sordid secret beneath the wholesome image of the dog- and cat-food manufacturer. Undercover footage captured images of dogs gone crazy from intense confinement to barren steel cages and cement cells, dogs left piled on a filthy paint-chipped floor after having chunks of muscle hacked from their thighs, dogs surgically debarked, and horribly sick dogs and cats languishing in their cages, neglected and left to suffer with no veterinary care. In addition to the pain that these animals experienced in the course of experiments, animals in Iams labs were denied companionship and enrichment and were confined to their barren cages for at least 23 陆 hours every day.

Please go to this site to read more and help by sending Iams an email saying that you will not buy their products until they stop with this.
does PETA also mention in that article that they kill 91% of the animals that go to their shelters, compared to 32% that die in normal shelters?

do they also mention how many times they have been caught themselves for animal abuse and the treatment of the dead animal bodies?
wow so does this include eukunuba by iams? so what shuld we do, so whos food should we buy? please answer
Though what you state is horrifying, I have a problem with PETA. They are extremists. I have a hard time believing that IAMS would treat animals in such a manner. I would check this out further before pointing fingers and accusing a large company like IAMS of this type of activity.

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